Step-by-Step Guide: Company Registration


For using our Model Inventory Cloud application, the first most important thing you need to do is register your company with us!

With this Step-by-Step guide, you will be able to register your company and start using Model Inventory Cloud in just few clicks.


So, let's get started:


1.When you are on the Model Inventory Cloud login page, click on the "No account? Register your company" link.

2.It will redirect you to the Company Registration form page.

3.On the form page, provide a valid Email ID, a unique Company Name, your First Name and Last Name as shown below:

4.Check the box for the Terms and Conditions agreement.

5.Verify the details once and then click on Register button.

6.Do the Captcha verification and a success message will appear for your completed Registration:

7.An email with login details and activation link will be sent to the Email ID mentioned in the above steps.

8.Click on the Active My Company Account button or click on the link or copy and paste that link in your Internet Browser and press ENTER from the Keyboard. This will activate your registered company and a screen as below will appear:

9.Click on the Login button from the above screen and enter the credentials which you have received in your Email. The next thing you need to do is set the password for your account. And you are good to go!


Welcome to Model Inventory Cloud!